Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank you Nita who has given me this award :o)

I have to pass it on to seven other blogs, and also tell you 7 things that I love:

1. My son
2. my dog
3. my circle of close friends
4. reading
5. Sudoku and other like puzzles
6. craft work
7. my new found internet groups and friends to chat to.

ok 7 other bloggers, this is always hard to choose, so I’ll choose the people that take the time to follow and visit my blog :)
plus one new one I discovered because I like her tiny teddies :)

Leanne (because I like her name :) ) and her blog…lol



Aunt Pitty Pat




Jacqui as a follower I would have chosen you too but I see Nita already did :)


  1. What a lovely thing to wake up to. Thank you very much.
    Now to think of 7 things and seven blogs... gosh better get my thinking cap on.

  2. Thanks so much for the award,its really made my day.
    (((((Big Hugs)))) Pixie. xxx

  3. As she stands up and waves to the masses!!! Thank you so much for this award you have put a huge smile on my face again this week :) Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  4. thank you! sorry for the delay in thanking you, its been a bit hectic this week!

    Leanne x


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