Monday, December 28, 2009

Bungie, my very bouncy "Japanese Chin"

Well I've survived the first nearly 3 months of having a new puppy around. Toilet training is 99%, just the odd occasional accident :)
Bungie is raring to go at 6am each morning...even on
Breakfast, then runs psycho around the house and yard, ripping off flower heads, blades of grass and anything else in his way, flies back inside and begins his klepto traits...steals shoes and anything else he can grab and continues a stock pile in his bed....finally winds down around 10am while I restore things to normal, catnaps for a while, goes exploring then conks out around 11am - 4pm. Then he is off again, outside to scout around...inside for dinner then psycho pup again....and I thought I was on

Can't Live Without My Books!!!

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