Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bushfires in Victoria

I've had lots of queries about the bushfires from on the blog, constant emails and bookclub site. I haven't got the heart to express myself here at the moment. I feel sick and teary looking at the media stories and knowing how lucky I am. That a fire can travel 32km in 16 minutes is so scary. It was our day in hell and that people can commit arson on such a horrendous day of heat makes them a mass murderer in my eyes.

Thank you to everyone who contacted me with your thoughts and prayers.

I did not want to publish any photos of devastated towns with respect to those that have lost. The photo of the koala and the cartoon artists' rendition gives us a little hope and a smile.


  1. take care leanne, thinking of you, we've just seen the koala on our local news here, poor thing, and how many other animals and the poor people who perished , lost everything its so sad :o(. {{{hugs}}}

  2. thanks Nita, not many animals survived, they don't move very fast.

  3. Hope you are OK, I get upset everytime I turn on the news here, and seeing the pics of SAM really brought tears to my eyes. Stay Safe, (((((hugs))))) Pixie. xxx

  4. thanks Pixiedust, I was not in the fire's path, being in the west of the state. Still have fires burning in the state forest area and it's very hazy each day. The sun is an eerie yellow ball and the city looks foggy.


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