Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Final Task: Feedback "My 23 Things"

I'm not a librarian so there will be no literary masterpiece here. I am kooky and creative though so I have rewritten a classic song. "My Favourite Things" from The Sound Of Music.
Come on Karaoke queens at Werribee Campus (EW and PI), sing along now.

"My 23 Things"

Gadgets and widgets and links to Delicious,
Subscriptions to Websites and your pet on the Wiki,
Jazzing and primping your iGoogle page,
These are a few of my 23 Things.

Communicating with Meebo is cool,
MySpace and Facebook and Book Search all rule,
You Tube and Podcasting will make you all sing,
These are a few of my 23 Things.

Documents on Reader keep you busy for hours,
Image Generator does give you the power,
Googling pictures to make your blog 'bling'
These are a few of my 23 Things.

Look at Google Maps, Tag your postings,
Create something on Flickr
A simply add more pink things on my blog,


  1. Awesome interpretation! Well done on finishing all the things. Your gold star will appear by tomorrow.


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